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The world is changing- learn to change with it with recognised permaculture elder John Champagne and Brogo Permaculture Gardens. Take a walk at an Open Day, learn the basics on an Introduction Course, deep dive with a Permaculture Design Course or have John come to your property for a consultation .

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Permaculture Design Course students working together to develop property desings based on permaculture principles.

Permaculture Design Course 
29th Sept. to 11th Oct. 2024

Immerse yourself in our comprehensive Permaculture Design Course, where you'll gain invaluable knowledge and practical skills. From observing natural patterns to designing resilient systems, you'll explore a wide range of permaculture strategies and witness their application in real-life scenarios. Through hands-on activities and engaging classroom sessions, you'll discover how to create regenerative landscapes and sustainable communities.


International Permaculture Day
Open Day
4th May 2024

Come to an Open Days at Brogo Permaculture Gardens, where we open our home and gardens to the public. These events offer a unique opportunity to explore our property through a guided tour and witness permaculture in action. Engage with us on the tour, ask questions, and learn about the principles and practices that underpin our way of life. Immerse yourself in the the gardens, find inspiration, and connect with like-minded individuals who are interested in sustainability. 

This final Open Day until spring is a special one for us as it is done in support of Permafund. Permafund is a registered charity, a part of Permaculture Australia. It supports permaculture projects around the world. 

All proceeds from this day go to Permafund.

Book a consultation 

John offers a walk and talk consultancy service in and around the Bega Valley only.  This usually takes two hours and John is guided by your thoughts and direction to offer a permaculture perspective on your property. He can leave sketchs and resources for you to further develop your ideas. From a bare paddock to already established properties, from urban to rural,  this service can save you considerable time, money and effort.   

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