Permaculture Consultancy Services

Food forest at Brogo Permaculture Gardens


John offers a  permaculture consultancy service that involves a visit to your property where he conducts an analysis from a Permaculture perspective, depending on your individual needs. 


A permaculture consultancy gives you a new perspective on what is possible on your land.


The process of the visit is in 4 parts…

  1. Prior to John's visit, client to prepare brief and  if available a topographic map of property  and/or property details and history 

  2.  John's visit- Initial discussion related to the clients brief  and development of a sector analysis

  3.   Property walk with client. Any specific needs are identified.

  4.  Discussion between John and client  formulating design options either verbally or through rough sketches.


This  permaculture consultancy  usually takes between 1 and 3 hours, depending on the size of the property and could save you literally thousands of dollars in costly mistakes by not getting it done right the first time.


Consultancy rates are $75.00 per hour on site  and  petrol costs  in the Bega Valley

Consultancy rates are $75.00 per hour plus petrol cost  and $20 per hour driving time. out of the Bega Valley

Contact John for an appointment 
PH – 02 6492 7306 

Or enquire by email