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“John Champagne’s PDC was a real eye-opener. After completing the course I was better equipped with the knowledge and practical skills needed to make change in my life and local community. I’ve kept in touch with a quite a few classmates and I’ve made some friends for life. John, you’re a fantastic teacher and thank you for sharing Permaculture with all of us. I look forward to catching up again soon. ” Johnny

Permaculture Design CourseTestimonials

"Whether in the classroom or on a property, John Champagne finds a method to ensure understanding of permaculture. After practising ecological design for some time, many come to the conclusion that the physical practices to grow healthy food and accomplish land rehabilitation are reasonably straight forward. The real challenge lies in setting up the people systems to see that it happens on a societal scale. John Champagne course has great at the on ground aspects, his beautiful and productive property is testament to that, but it’s in integrating the people side of sustainability in which he’s a true leader, and someone well worth investing some time to both learn from and be inspired by .”

Cam Wilson, Landscape Rehabilitation Practitioner, Earth Integral.

“I consider John Champagne to be a true Permaculture legend! I was first taught by John at the Permaculture Deign Course I attended in January 2012 and, soon after, at an earthworks and food forest workshop at Brogo Permaculture Gardens. Since then I have been fortunate to work with John through my involvement in the National Permaculture organisation, Permaculture Australia, and have been inspired by his work abroad and with Permafund. I consider John to be a great teacher and mentor, and I highly recommend attending any of his courses and workshops. I also highly recommend visiting Brogo Permaculture Gardens as a great example of many years of permaculture in practice.-All the best,”


"I completed my PDC with John Champagne in 2004. I found this course to be transformational on a personal and professional level. It deepened my understanding of Permaculture principles and theory which inturn strengthened my practice in the field.
The course provided a great balance of theory, story and ‘hands on’ activities by a diverse team of inspirational tutors who were experienced Permaculture practitioners. The site visits were excellent examples of productive working properties designed and managed by local farmers using Permaculture principles.
At the core of this incredible educational experience is John Champagne, a person of great inspiration and integrity. He ‘walks the talk’ from his excellent Permaculture property in Brogo, his work as a change agent in his Bioregion and support of projects and people nationally and abroad. He is warm, honest, supportive, understanding and balanced. John Champagne is the essence of a true teacher.
If you were interested in being the positive change you want to see in the world I would highly recommend this PDC to either the inquisitive new comer and the experienced practitioner."

Aaron Sorensen-Elemental Permaculture

"My PDC is one of the best things I have done for myself in ages. Not only did I leave with a wealth of new knowledge, but also inspired and refreshed by the amazing people I met.
John Champagne said on our first day that our PDC would be a life changing experience. Since my PDC I have not gone more than a few hours without thinking about permaculture, applying the permaculture principles, dreaming up designs, viewing things from a ‘permaculture point of view’. My PDC has certainly changed my life, and has also given me new tools for approaching problems.
Throughout the course John was approachable, kind, generous with his knowledge and time. With John’s vast practical experience in the field, there were examples, photos, videos and stories for each topic and design element. This made it all come to life and highlighted the enormous scope and the various applications for all our new and exciting knowledge.
I am so pleased that I did the 2 week PDC as I was able to get away from daily life and immerse myself in permaculture. I will always be happy that I carved out the time for it and will be enjoying the memories of my PDC and the amazing friends that I made for the rest of my life. I am also delighted that I travelled and did my PDC with John Champagne as he is a truly inspirational person, and someone I am extremely happy and grateful to know."

Kate-South Africa

"13 days at a Brogo PDC at The Crossing; what a truly amazing experience! A wonderful balance of theory and practical learning that highlighted our individual connection with nature, those around us and our communities, be they local, national or global. Learnings that showed the true value of permaculture to our lives and a way forward. John Champagne and his team’s openness to sharing knowledge was only surpassed by their genuine display of a spirit for living a more sustainable way, a permaculture way. Couple this with a group of participants that just gelled and one could not help but be inspired, empowered, to tread more lightly on the earth and grow happiness. It is now achievable. My sincerest thanks to all for what could only be described as an amazing life changing experience."


“I took a PDC with John Champagne in Northern Thailand in 2011. John is an outstanding permaculture teacher, with 20 yrs hands-on experience and it shows. He has great facilitating skills also and a course with him comes highly recommended. But more than this, John is up there with the most genuine people I have ever met, he has been supporting our project since, with help and advice, he has been very generous with his time and experience."


“I did my Intro at Brogo Permaculture Gardens with John Champagne & crew. What a warm, informative, inspirational weekend it was! It was such a gift to get to know John and learn from his many many years of hands-on hard-earnt experience. Great teaching, delivered with exceptional generosity of spirit.”

Dr Deborah Gough

“I completed a PDC in 2009, partly at Ryde College of Tertiary and Further Education and partly at ‘The Crossing’ education centre near Bega. John Champagne was the lead teacher at The Crossing. During the PDC and subsequently I have appreciated the fact that John is a person who doesn’t just talk about permaculture, he has applied permaculture design principles to his own property and in overseas projects. He is a person who ‘lives permaculture’.
Also, I have appreciated the leadership that John has demonstrated in the permaculture movement in Australia. He is prepared to listen to all sides of
an argument and consistently strives for cooperation.”    


“I was looking for something that would help me to make a living, live sustainably and be of service to my community – Permaculture was the answer. I did an Intro and a PDC with John Champagne  in 2004, I started my own permaculture based business in 2006. I thoroughly recommend any courses with John and his permie crew for anyone wanting a fantastic grounding in all things Permaculture.”

​Kathleen McCann Luscious Landscapes

‘Hi John
Your course changed my life. Seriously. It put me into a different thought zone on how I dealt with all things in my life.
I have met some amazing people in the last 10 years approx that have been linked through you.
Since the course I have been involved in transition towns and ran for federal parliament in 2010 in Eden monaro as an independent. I did so to raise awareness on sustainability. Thank you John, Sharon and family"

Ray Buckley

"My involvement with Permaculture began in the ’70’s however I became actively engaged through the North Gong Community Garden over the last 10 years, gardening and growing food is my passion. I completed my PDC with John Champagne in 2009 on the beautiful south coast near Bega where I stayed on site for two weeks, eating, living and breathing Permaculture. I loved being in the bush setting with likeminded people where each person’s strengths were appreciated and working as part of a team to produce our final design, helped me remain positive, focused and feel connected to the bigger picture.
Since 2009 I completely overhauled my own urban back yard, developing a kitchen garden, fresh herbs all year round and a mini food forrest. I made a commitment to the Transition Towns movement at the PDC which enticed me to extend more energy into education and the ” local food” movements growing globally. I volunteered with other committee members of “The Garden North Gong” to run workshops on permaculture techniques for growing food and I am currently part of a small team of amazing women who set up Permablitz the Gong 2 years ago. I am a volunteer committee member of an urban farm called Urban Grown where we are growing food locally without herbicides or pesticides and selling to the Novatel and other local suppliers such as Green Box, The Red Kitchen and Bali Spice Magic. I participated in teaching a PDC with Aaron Sorensen and Dan Deighton in 2013 and will assist again this year."

Sheryl Wiffen, Southern Nils Coordinator

“I did a PDC with John Champagne at the Crossing in Bermaggui. It was a fantastically enriching experience. While I learnt a great deal about permaculture, it was the totally immersive experience living and studying with John, and the other teachers and students for the two weeks that made it really special. The sense of community, and personal reflection that the course brings out, made it a transformational experience as well as an educational one. The Crossing is an absolutely beautiful place to spend two weeks. Set in a stunning natural location, and developed to demonstrate permaculture and sustainable living, it is the perfect place for a PDC. The field trips to the permaculture properties in the region were a massive highlight for me: really interesting and inspiring. -Thanks John and team! “

Ren Webb, Canberra

“Over the past few years I have participated in a variety of permaculture and related course/workshops with John Champange. I have found them to be incredibly educational, inspiring, and empowering (along with a lot of fun), as they have given me knowledge and confidence that I can do something to make the world a better place for all to be in. Even if it’s just growing my own food. I have made lasting friendships with others that have participated in the courses, which is very valuable to me. John is a very humble, caring being who has an extensive knowledge that he is so willing to share. Often the combination of practical and theoretical components in the courses also, enable me to make the most sense of what I’m learning. John and his courses are a HUGE asset to the world.”

Alison Brown

"I have helped to facilitate several PDCs taught by John Champagne and all of them have been amazing experiences for everyone involved. His style of teaching is smooth, relaxed and backed up by years of practical experience. Since then we have set up our own Permaculture project and are now looking forward to having John come and be the lead teacher on the first Permaculture Design Course to be held here, in August next year. I am sure things will go very well!"

Tom Dennison, Laya Point Permaculture, UK

“The course was fun, informative, useful, and relaxed. I really enjoyed the intimate and welcoming atmosphere in John’s homemade family home. I was even able to have my one yr old daughter with me without an issue. It was very inspiring to see what John has achieved on his property with Permaculture. Thank you.”


“My daughter and I attended a week long course a few years ago. The information we received has had ramifications into many areas of our lives. It has allowed me to raise a great and productive garden for personal use as well as modifying my house design and even allowing me to improve my communication skills. I am only too pleased to recommend any courses run by John Champaigne. You will learn heaps.”

 Dr Robert Gammal, BDS

“John’s inspiring series of weekend permaculture design workshops opened up new worlds and ways of thinking for me. The combination of guest speakers, lively discussions and hands on learning, helped me develop a new language for living with the land and thinking about whole systems of living. I especially loved learning about micro habitats, eco zones, improving soil, no waste and the process of home design from an empty block of land to a dream place.
I’ve made some lifestyle changes as a result of the course, and continue to adapt and integrate permaculture principles. Thanks John!” 


"‘John Champagne is great teacher of permaculture. He lives his talk about sustainable living. I studied a PDC with him and Phil Gall in 2011 and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I have taken on work with WWOOF, aquaponics and suburban food forests which I wouldn’t have done without that training. The permaculture course which I did with John and friends is life-changing. I’d recommend it to everyone. Many thanks John for your passion for making the world a better place for all."


"I found my PDC with John Champagne an enlightening and instructive experience, it gave me clarity, taking me back to grassroots humanity and the importance of truly and honestly living life. For me it was the beginning of an ongoing life-changing journey."


“John Champagne provides permaculture courses involving an extensive network of designers and practitioners incorporating the dynamism and vibrancy of permablitz and social permaculture movements with a broad range of established designs and a diverse array of design and land management methods. John has a deep knowledge of the permaculture movement, strong personal relationships with all the key movement members and with a many other land management systems professionals around the world. As a permaculture teacher he draws on an extensive bioregional knowledge base and incorporates the knowledge brought by participants. I respect his permaculture ‘middle way’ immensely.”

Dean Turner, The Crossing  Land Education Trust 

“I sought inspiration by thinking globally and acting locally…..My permi training under your guise has allowed me to further foster my involvement in the community services sector. I am advocating for sustainable lifestyle in my volunteer time and also in my paid employment overseeing Work and Development Orders. A real satisfying thing is that when ppl finish their WDO they often stay connected with the gardens ……Fair Share!"


“I completed my PDC with John Champagne in July 2004. I vividly remember the day we had a site visit to Hugh Gravestein’s property at Myrtle Mountain… and it snowed! At that time my wife Kay and I were living on a 20 acre property at Myrtle Mountain where I used the knowledge I gained to begin the transformation of our dream home. We now live in Neerim South in West Gippsland in Victoria and I continue to use the principles of permaculture –not just for my backyard garden – but in my life in general. I thoroughly enjoyed John’s course and highly recommend it to all seekers of a natural path. Thanks John for being an integral piece in the ‘jigsaw of my life.”
Bill Statham (author of The Chemical Maze)

Bill Statham (author of The Chemical Maze)

“The first time we met with John Champagne, in 2010, we barely knew a thing about permaculture. The PDC he warmheartedly gave at Panya, in Thailand, changed our life. Since then, we walk the way of permaculture at our own pace. We came back to Thailand in 2012 just to have the chance, and the pleasure, to join John again. The Permaculture Teacher training he gave then in Rak Tamachat confirmed two things. First, John is a sensible and smart human being with a great heart. Second, John is the epitome of ethics and principles of permaculture. What we owe him is invaluable. Hence we repay our debt by spreading the permaculture word in the same spirit.”

Michael and Yuanyuan

“Really valued being apart of your Teacher Training in Thailand, John! Thanks for all the support and best wishes on all your work down under and abroad!”

Theron Beaudreau

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