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Working on a Permaculture Farm

Volunteering with us


Currently work around the property is home maintenance tasks (small building/carpentry jobs painting, preparation, finishing off tasks ) for anyone who has a bit of experience in that area. 

Working on a Permaculture Property: Inner_about

Many people want to work on a permaculture property and some looking for permaculture internships approach us looking for practical permaculture work to put their theoretical understanding into practise and get their hands dirty.

At Brogo Permaculture Gardens we don’t offer internships but we do have periods during the year when it would be beneficial for us to have assistance on the property and the exchange is that you get to do permaculture practical work with expert teacher and practitioner John Champagne, decent accommodation and you are well fed. Often we gain this assistance from travellers who have been personally recommended by other permaculture properties.

Please note that we rarely need volunteers during summer or winter. Most of our work is done during spring and autumn. 

We cannot offer assistance with extending workign visas. 


We call these travellers “Wayfarers”.

Wayfarers are “people  who travel from place to place usually by walking” in 2017 you can come by car, bike or bus!

We like to think that wayfarers have a sense of purpose- Johnny Appleseed was a great wayfarer wandering across the country, always planting apple seeds. While Johnny planted appleseeds ( which are good in themselves but we have enough apples) we want our wayfarers to have permaculture learning as their sense of purpose.

What would you be doing?

Work is seasonal and varies on a day to day basis. John or Sharon would work with you at all times to ensure that you know the right way to do things and that your experiences are great learning experiences. 

Currently we have a range of work around the property as well as  home maintenance tasks ( painting, preparation, finishing off tasks ) for anyone who has a bit of experience in that area. We can use your skills in  building (including some carpentry) food preparation ( fruit preserving, general cooking, freezer filling), computer work ( marketing of courses and updating website) as well as general garden maintenance.

Our work changes with the season and can be weather dependent as well as based on other commitments.

When can you come and for how long?

Contact us if you are wanting to come and work with us and indicate when you are seeking to come. what your interests are and what skills you offer.

Please read the following to determine if this opportunity is what you are looking for:


  • Interest in Permaculture is desirable and we particularly welcome those who have completed a course with us though we welcome anyone who is prepared to live as part of our family and have a go alongside us. We love to hear about your home and culture and share ours with you. We also may have other volunteers staying at times.

  • We live in a rural area, 20 minutes from a small town and 3 hours from Canberra, 9 hours from Melbourne and 6 from Sydney (if driving). Buses run from major cities on a daily basis and we can collect from bus stops if needed. Having your own transport is great as we live in an area of natural beauty with many national parks, beaches etc to explore.

  • We have five children and their partners, all have left home and are either working, studying or travelling. They are at various stages of life and all return home on an irregular basis. Generally they are all home for important seasonal celebrations and for that reason accommodation around Easter/Christmas etc is usually not available. Having said that we would not turn you away if you have no where else to go but you may end up in a tent. 

  • We teach and practice Permaculture including creating a food forest, developing vegetable gardens and introducing animals into the system. We have a Permaculture teaching focus , teaching locally and internationally. By coming into our home you will develop practical permaculture skills and enhance your theoretical knowledge

  • We have 11 acres , about 1/2 of which is under development.

  • Our home is an owner built mudbrick house, fully solar powered and we are self reliant for both power and water.

  • We are a certified organic property and we are also a palm oil free property and household. Please ensure that you do not use any product that could impact on our organic status nor bring any product containing palm oil (often disguised as vegetable oil) onto the property. 

  • We cannot accomodate animals much as we love them. We have one older, rather spoiled dog and he does not adjust well to other animals. Please don't ask as we will have to refuse. 

  • We understand that many overseas visitors must get paid work in specified categories and regions to obtain their second year working visa. We know that this is difficult however due to the costs and time involved we are unable to assist with this. 

  • Hours of work expectedHours are variable,  generally a few hours in the morning and again later in the day in summer, 4-5 hours in the winter

  • The maximum time you can stay is one month-we prefer to try two weeks and see how it goes but appreciate the need for travellers to be able to plan on a months stay.

  • Accommodation is in the family home, couples can be accommodated. If you have a tent or van you would rather stay in that is generally ok. Please discuss with us - we do not have a lot of flat land or a large turning circle so caravans and larger vehicles are not possible. 

  • You are expected to participate in the functioning of the home (i.e. cooking/cleaning etc)

  • Wifi is available

Contact Brogo Permaculture Gardens

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