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Take a Walk- Join us for an Open Day

We have regular Open Days and welcome you to join one of these. 

if you would like a tour for a school, garden club or any other type of group, please contact us 


International Permaculture Day
Our final Open Day until spring will be on 4th May 2024.
All proceeds from the day will support Permafund, Permaculture Australia's registered charity. 



Brogo Permaculture Gardens is a 30+ year-old permaculture demonstration property on the beautiful south coast of NSW on Yuin Country.

John Champagne, highly respected permaculture teacher and consultant, designed it as a family home and  to showcase permaculture principles in action.


Brogo Permaculture Gardens, 397 Hawkshead Rd, Brogo, NSW, 2550  map here



Farm Tour Cost: $35.00 per adult, $25 seniors/concession card holders. Children, with an adult are free.

Tickets can be booked and paid online. Online payments are through our secure system; you can also pay via Direct Deposit/Bank Transfer.  (For Direct Deposit/Bank Transfer ( please use manual or offline option)  


The Tour

During the 2-hour tour you will see:

  • Off grid, owner built, solar powered mudbrick home, with recycled timbers,

  • Owner built and council approved composting toilet and greywater system,

  • Solar hot water, wood cooking and hot water back up and heating

  • Integration of poultry into food systems

  • Native and exotic plant food systems including kitchen garden, citrus orchard,stone fruit orchard and subtropical and nut orchards

  • Bee keeping for pollination and honey production

  • Soil building techniques including: composting, chop and drop, mulch and companion planting

  • Water harvesting, storage and percolation systems including rainwater collection, gravity fed water system, ponds, dams and swales

  • A developing Asian herb garden

  • Plant propagation area for trees and kitchen garden seed raising area

  • Earthworks including food forests, swales and shelterbelt


The property is an example of permaculture design strategies that work in the Bega Valley providing self-reliance for an uncertain future. Visitors gain an understanding of good permaculture design for home and land and an understanding of why it works.


Although the design is based on a rural property the principles can be used in any situation including retrofitting properties, suburban areas, balconies-anywhere humans are living.

Since 1995 hundreds of  people have visited our Permaculture Garden for inspiration, permaculture design ideas and to look at how our permaculture strategies have stood the test of time. It is always a pleasure to meet return and new visitors and welcome them to observe the way in which we are interacting with the land and to hear their feedback about our property.



After the tour organic tea//coffee and  cakes/muffins will be served and you will have time to wander the property, including the house. 


Risk Assessment:

Our detailed risk assessment with our obligations to you and your obligations to us is here. We assume that visitors will have read this risk assessment. Please note that our property cannot accommodate people with wheelchairs or similar sadly; likewise if you have difficulty walking on slope and/or uneven ground it may not suit you.


What to Bring

Covered shoes , weather appropriate clothing, hat and drink bottle.  


​​Please note that we cannot accommodate animals on the tour. We appreciate the love you have for your pet but not everyone enjoys the company of animals nor do we have any control over their behaviour. Please don't ask as we have to refuse.

Make a weekend of it!

Brogo and the Bega Valley are great places to spend the weekend. Each Friday there is a farmers market in Bega and others markets in different localities. You could visit  Biamanga (Mumbulla) or Gulaga  Mountains. (Note Gulaga is a womens mountain and it is appreicated if men do not go into areas marked). Beautiful beaches are all around and the area has some great accommodation options and food.  

Private Individual or Group Visits to Brogo Permaculture Gardens

If you are an interested individual or  gardening group, a playgroup, a school group or any other type of group we would love to host you for a tour around our permaculture gardens and property. Contact us and advise us of the people (ie group, individual), at least two alternative dates, the size of your group and aspects of the property you are most interested in for your  visit. If you are a school group let us know the part of the curriculum you are basing the tour on and we will work towards meeting the outcomes.

Costs for individual and group visits are dependent on the number of people, the length of the visit and whether the visit is a walk and talk style or if a presentation on any aspect of the property is required.

Individual Tours

We are often contacted by people who have completed a PDC and are  passing through wanting to ‘drop in’ and see our property. We love this and make every attempt to accommodate these requests as part of our contribution to the Permaculture's 3rd ethic of Fair Share. However,  please understand we have other commitments and this may not be possible in your time frame. Give us as much notice as possible or please try to come to one of our Open Days. Contact us by phone or email in advance of your planned visit.

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