Brogo Permaculture Gardens 

View our 2018 video then see how we built our off grid permaculture home,farm and business

Brogo Permacuture Gardens

Brogo Permaculture Gardens is on the south coast of NSW.  The property features an off the grid, solar powered ,owner built house. Water and solar are harvested and greywater and human waste utilised within the closed system.

A range of permaculture gardening techniques are used; mulch is grown to use on the farm, certified organic farming is undertaken examples of raised beds, composting and kitchen garden as well as poultry systems and a food forest are on site. 

At Brogo Permaculture Gardens our aim is to inspire others to develop an understanding of permaculture and to look to permaculture to promote self and community resilience.
20 plus years of living permaculture, we know that it works. As well, we aim to run some of the best permaculture courses in NSW.

Starting Brogo Permaculture Garden

Our aim for the property was to raise our 5 kids in the most sustainable lifestyle possible. As wel as our off grid owner built home we wanted to develop permaculture gardens  to feed our family of seven and to demonstrate what could be achieved with permaculture

John talks about the property