Permaculture Teacher Training

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The Course

For many permaculturists, the successful completion of a permaculture design course brings about the desire to teach others either through developing their own permaculture course or assisting on a course.
A stumbling block for many is that they have no or limited teaching experience and so questions we frequently hear are  ‘How do I develop a permaculture course? What should I teach? How can I teach it?’

By taking as a foundation the work of Rosemary Morrows (Permaculture Teaching Matters) and combining it with John’s extensive permaculture teaching and practical experience and Sharon’s curriculum development and teaching experience we believe that we have developed a Permaculture Teacher Course that will enable you to develop skills in planning and practical teaching.

The  Permaculture Teacher Course program incorporates teaching methodologies, teaching practicalities, teaching theory and practical teaching practise. A focus of the course is bringing together the elements of a permaculture course with methods, resources and assessment strategies to suit a range of learning styles. Creative teaching methods are introduced and participants are given opportunities to apply their learning in a classroom situation.

The overall objective of the course is to develop quality permaculture teachers who can transfer their skills, knowledge and understanding in a variety of contexts using good teaching practice.

The sequencing of the course ensures that participants will understand the theory, methods and practice of teaching as well as the structuring of courses. This learning will be regularly interspersed with micro- teaching sessions where students are encouraged to practice methods and techniques of teaching in a supportive group and learn from each other.

Students final assessment will be on the (group) development of a sequentially appropriate  Permaculture Design Course for specific purpose. (Students may bring a specific purpose with them – ie community group, women’s group, prisoners group etc) or a group will be allocated to them.) The PDC designed will incorporate the students learning around establishing course outcomes, principles of adult learning, appropriate methods and tools and use of learning materials.

An outline of the course is here.