Off Grid Living -More than just solar panels 

Many people are trying to break out of the systems that ties them to regular jobs and regular pay cheques. One way of reducing the need to work so many hours is reducing your costs and moving off grid. 

Our way of looking at off grid begins with looking at 'the grid'. In simple terms 'the grid' is a network of providers and consumers  connected by transmission and distribution lines and operated by one or more control centers. 

We are human and don't want to induce guilt in people. To imagine we can all live a totally off grid life, while a pleasant dream , is not something we think can occur. 

We also know that we are fortunate- we had the money to develop our systems and because of our locality ( ie rural) 

So what are some of the grids that we were connected to that we wanted to disconnect from and become 'off the grid'

Electric power


Water supplies and treatment





Fuel-wood supply and petroleum

 How have we gone with our attempts? Well we are not fully off grid and it is doubtful that many people are. 

However we take care of our own

Electrical power

Water supplies and treatment


90% of waste generated by the houshold (human and other)

50% of food

We still have a long way to go and we are aware of it.


Gas consumption has reduced to maintaining a 45kg bottle of gas for the stove ( and BBQ). We could reduce this however the effort to do so is more than we are willing to put in right now. It would involve lighting the wood fuel stove or eating uncooked food on a more regular basis-neither is an option for us right now however we know how to do this and if a crunch came we could do so. 

We recycle most waste. Human waste becomes compost and feeds our soil, once a fortnight we put a small bin out of recyclables and a smaller bin of recyclables. Yes we could with effort reduce bot of these and that will certainly be a focus for 2019.

Communication is a big one. We love the benefits of a 'connected world' and are loath to give that up.

We are growing timber however we have chosen to support a local timber cutter who delivers the perfect size timber for our needs thus ensuring we have the right timber at the right time. It is not an option for us to cut our own primarily for health reasons.

Petroleum - we minimise our car usage as much as possible and try to get as many jobs done at once when we do drive but we are not fanatics. We like to visit with family and friends and like to participate in community events. Car sharing operates informally where we live but often trips don't coincide